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What makes Outdoors RV products so different?

Outdoors RV builds true off-road, off-grid, all season trailers and 5th wheels for customers who desire to enjoy the outdoors, no matter the terrain or weather. Their trailers come with a TON of features and amenities to help you go places other trailers cant' and allow you to stay longer as well. From solar panels on the roof to integrated generators and 100 gallon water tanks they have truly created a boondocking monster that stands apart from everything else on the market. 

Due to how unique these RVs are we want to invite you to come see one in person at either of our locations in North San Luis Obispo County. In person it is easy to see the sheer workmanship put into each of these limited production units and to appreciate the individual floorplans. In the meantime though we also wanted to share some resources that help to illustrate how amazing these products are. 

Below you will find a couple of independent reviews that cover some of the real world use of these Outdoors RV trailers in the wild. 

From (Full Article Here): 

"... when we toured the Outdoors RV factory in La Grande, Oregon, we were really impressed with the attention to detail and overall quality that goes into these RVs. Especially considering that they’re towables, not motorhomes.

Hands down, the rigs we saw were the closest we’ve seen a travel trailer come to the overall quality we’re used to in our diesel pusher motorhome. And that’s saying something, especially since factory tours allow us to see into places that are otherwise inaccessible.

This company is serious about the four-season capabilities of their RVs, and they’re also serious about manufacturing high-quality RVs that’ll take you where you want to go, regardless of terrain or weather.

With features like heavy-duty, 5-lug, 4000-pound axles with off-road brake systems to take you off the beaten path, marine-grade plywood roof decking for long-term durability, MorRyde sliding cargo trays for convenience, and large holding tanks for extended boondocking, Outdoors RVs could be a tough act to beat. We were impressed with their attention to quality, durability, function, finish, and four-season readiness in every single rig we saw, both completed and in process.

After only having diesel pusher experience for the past 20 years, would we consider owning an Outdoors RV? After all we’ve learned in our research and our tour of their manufacturing facility, you bet we would! As a matter of fact, we’ve been talking about downsizing… literally for years. And Outdoors RV is currently at the top of our list of new, smaller rigs we’d consider.

We’re all about quality. And Outdoors RV offers some serious dedication to off-road & off-grid (we love boondocking!) and four-season camping."

From (Full Article Here): 

"The Outdoors RV Back Country 20BD is a boondockers delight

Insulation and weather readiness aren’t the only things that really set this trailer apart. What made my chins drop is the 100-gallon fresh water tank aboard a trailer this size. I’ve been excited about 52-gallon tanks in the past. So I’m doubly thrilled with this much fresh water storage available.

My wife and I can camp for three to four days with our trailer that has 37 gallons of fresh water. So we could easily be out a week in this trailer, especially since the gray and black tanks are 40 gallons apiece. My wife would also love the 10-gallon water heater in this, as opposed to the typical six-gallon models in many RVs.

There’s also 170 watts of solar on the roof. But, if you’re camped in the winter, there’s an Onan 3.6 propane generator aboard. Worried about running out of propane? You shouldn’t be, as there are 80 pounds of propane capacity as well. This trailer is absolutely a boondocking monster. It is easily as capable as a lot of toy hauler fifth wheels in this regard, but isn’t nearly as gigantic or unwieldy as those."

Not just features, but quality workmanship set these RVs apart. 

As you can see below Outdoors RV is one of the highest rated manufacturers on the market today, and one area where they consistently outrank other RV manufacturers is the warranty. Outdoors RV believes in going the extra mile when it comes to quality assurance so any issues are corrected long before you purchase the unit. In addition to having one of the lowest rates of post-purchase issues, they do not stop there; Outdoors RV remains one of the most responsive Manufacturers for those times when issues do arise. 

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We had to see these for ourselves! 

Craig Hanson, owner of Get Away RV & Marine, On a recent visit to the ORV Facility in Eastern Oregon.

During a recent visit to the manufacturer’s facility Craig Hanson, owner of Get Away RV & Marine, was blown away at the quality and passion he found, saying “These are by far the highest quality RVs I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of RVs in my time!”

So what Outdoors RV Model is right for you? 

The video below does a good job breaking down the different models available, but your best bet is to come see one of our Outdoors RV trained associates who are happy to help answer all of your questions in a friendly, fun, no pressure environment! 

So what next?

We would love the opportunity to show you are current selection of Outdoors RV trailers in person. We gaurantee you will fall in love, as we did, with the quality, features, and attention to detail. It really makes a difference when actual RVers design and build a trailer vs. more corporate manufacturers that churn out thousands of RVs every year. Not ready to come see us quite yet? Click a link below to continue learning about this awesome RV manufacturer that we are so proud to carry here at Get Away RV & Marine!

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